Elec Simon was born with rhythm in his soul. Every object was an instrument waiting to be played. Every instrument had a song waiting to be heard. Elec was the conductor of his surroundings.

After graduating high school, Elec took his thirst for music to New York. He wasn’t interested in joining the ranks of students in schools like Juilliard, or the Berklee College of Music; he wanted to explore music from the ground up, to discover the roots that moved him as a child.

There, on the streets and subway platforms of New York City he began to find the rhythm that would define his life. He would busk alongside many of the great street performers of our generation such as Larry Wright and William Johnson. Those moments were the springboard for what was to come – a starring role in the touring production of STOMP.

Elec spent over a decade with STOMP, touring across the country, experiencing life as a stage performer in one of the world’s best received shows, but even that experience wasn’t enough to feed his hunger for music.

After his time with STOMP, Elec decided to return back to his home in Canton, Ohio where he felt the need to give back to his community. Dear to his heart was the subject of anti-bullying. As a child, Elec had lost a friend to bullying. He realized he could use his music to make a change and began performing in schools where his mix of from-the-streets wisdom and stage experience allowed him to connect with the children in front of him.

He doesn’t just stand there and lecture them – he puts the music directly in their hands. Every Elec Simon assembly includes a full band, a huge line of buckets for the kids to play along with, and Elec’s positive, high-energy message about tolerance, love and understanding.

If Elec looks familiar to you, that’s for good reason. Not only has he been featured on the stage with STOMP and major news outlets who cover his message, he can also be seen playing with the Cleveland Cavalier’s Q-Stix, who play every Cav’s home game. They were also invited to play during the NBA 2016 All-Star weekend in Toronto, Canada.

Elec Simon has made it his life’s mission to spread his brand of music. It’s a rhythm based off of nature’s oldest drum; the heart, and it’s from the heart that his message flows – teach our children to love one another and the world will grow up with them to be a better place.



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